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Greenwood Lake
About Greenwood Lake Discount Liquors
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2019 Greenwood Lake Tpk., Hewitt, NJ, 07421

Welcome to our website. We try providing the same customer service to our online customers as we do with our retail customers. For the past 20 years we’ve been servicing our local customers and they’ve rewarded us with their returning business. Now the information age allows us to expand throughout the country and share our experience of wine. We hope you will join us and help expand our customer base.

Jim Aiello (president) - I personally review all the orders that enter the website along with organizing the day to day business. Wine has a terrific history and serves a practical part to our lives. I enjoy working with novice to experienced wine buyers. The best wine you can buy is the one you enjoy the most regardless of price or type. My job is to help you find it.

Melissa Aiello (vice president) - I handle the customer service regarding all online orders. Once your order is placed on the website I oversee it until your package leaves the store. If a problem occurs don’t be surprised if I call you. I tend to call a customer for the best customer service possible in a complicated situation. I find this helps to expedite an order and assure the customer’s expectations. Working within the wine trade is fun, your experience with us should be as enjoyable.

History-My family started the business in 1953 as The Greenwood Lake Hotel. A popular resort area at the time my grandparents offered a hotel, bar, and the first pizzeria/restaurant in the area. In 1985 my brother and I rekindled the family restaurant business which was dormant for nearly 10 years. In 1988 I opened a wine shop adjacent to the restaurant. The store became a big hit and just so much easier to operate than a restaurant. Now my focus is on the retail store along with our web related effort. Jim Aiello